Saturday, 18 May 2013

Scenery from a very shy Irish spring 2013

I like to depict atmospheric changes. Everybody dislikes this year's unsettled weather, but it could be a treasure for an artist like me. There is a very unsure ephemeral feeling in the air, it feels like spring but it could change in a minute with a harsh arctic wind. Yet, the sun comes out and the nature bursts with colour, even though it might be just for a minute. See for yourself.

Donore Cottage

Spring in Boyne Valley

On the River Boyne

Donkeys at the Old Millhouse

Sunday, 30 December 2012

White Crysanthemums in oil

Finally, I've decided to try my hand in oil, and this is my first attempt. I've found it quite pleasant to work in this medium. I must do it again. I like its fluidity and a possibility to move paint around. It is a certain advantage over acrylics, where everything dries so fast. I did not quite work out how to do the fine detail yet, - and this is a very quick painting anyway, took me only a couple of hours. The chrysanthemums are from my garden. It is a very warm winter this year, and they've only now came into flower. Nice white touch in the absence of snow. :)


White Chrysanthemums in Winter

Monday, 12 November 2012

Oil pastel and watercolour sketches from the last summer

Red Flowers



Evening Sun

Sailing Away


The Sea



A quick sketch of a fresh bunch of tulips one evening. It was a very rewarding experience. Pastel pencils on paper.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Flowers in pastel

This was an attempt to convey freshness of a flower just brought in from the garden. I find that pastel is a very good medium for sketching flowers. It is easier to control then watercolour and you do not need to wait till the colour dries. Also, if you made a mistake, you can smudge it and try again. Here is my 10 minute sketch.